Friday, October 2, 2009


Doug Mills cranked up his video camera Wednesday afternoon, and Bill Landry again began firing questions at two more interviewees for the next Princess Production live show.

After about an hour and a half Bill Newcomb and Gerald Largen interviews were “in the can”. These prominent Roane County attorneys have had a combined 100 years of legal experience in the area, and, therefore have a wealth of Roane County history that needs to be passed on to the youth of the county.

Although the two sit on opposite sides of the political fence, they have been long time friends and share a love of Harriman and Roane County history. Gerald lets you know right up front that he is a Democrat from Emory Gap! His blood still runs deep South Harriman “Pirate” orange, while Bill’s blood is of pure Republican blue of the “Harriman Blue Devils”! Together they are quite a feisty pair who loves to compare stories and challenge each other with “do you remember” games about Harriman. During this meeting they good naturedly argued the exact location of Harriman’s two “meat markets”!

Bill first entertained everyone present with his boyhood stories that included how the neighborhood boys always slept out on someone’s front porch during warm weather, they were “…stacked up on the porch like cord wood!”

Gerald believed that the first time he and Bill met was when Gerald was working at the Harriman Greyhound Station.

Both gentlemen also remembered their lives revolved around the theaters in Harriman growing up, and think the idea of giving the Princess Theater new life is a wonderful idea. With the combination of a TV and radio station, a 500 seat conference center, and the addition of live entertainment Downtown, the Princess Complex can only bring good things to the area.

Anyway, I don’t want to give away any of the details of their tales. Let me just say that I suggest you not miss them when they get retold at the next Princess Production live stage show. Hopefully that will come along soon. Stay tuned!

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