Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I spent Tuesday with Bill Landry, his Roane State Media Production class, Michael Golebiewski, and Brooks Benjamin down Lantana Road out of Crossville, Tennessee. To tell the truth, I haven’t spent a more pleasant day in some time. We all were in the company of “old-time string band” legends Audine and Ed Webb, who are the heart of one of the most dynamic and most requested bands in the central South, the “Lantana Drifters”!

Remember how folks used to make you feel at home and made you feel like they were actually glad you had come? That’s exactly how we all felt the entire afternoon Tuesday. We strolled the yard with either Edd (as Audine spells it), as he proudly showed off his 100 acre farm, or with Audine, as she pointed out years of hard work in building her rock and flower collections. They are “salt of the earth” people who would give you the shirts off their backs. They greeted us with cookies, crackers, chips, and cold bottles of water and insisted we take some for the road as we left.

Edd and Audine will be joined by the complete band at the May 16thAppalachian Dreams” show. The talent will include master fiddler Charlie Acuff, cousin to Roy, live on stage! Charlie has been with the “Drifters” for around 15 years. Their “string band”, an ensemble of musicians playing mostly stringed instruments, will be accompanied by Audine on her washboard, and Ed will most certainly show off his spoon playing and his “flat shoe” dancing. Even at 85, Ed can still out dance younger enthusiasts, and is a “flat shoe dancing idol” to others.

Audine and Ed are examples of what America used to be…self-sustaining and hard working people. If it’s daylight, we’ll be outside doing something,” Ed said, proudly pointing out the load of hardwood he and Audine had cut and split the day before down in the woods. We built all these buildings…that barn over 40 year ago! When it gets too dark to work, we come in and play music!

I listened amazed as Bill Landry interviewed the two “young” folks, listening to their experiences, the people they had met, and places they had been. I was also deeply touched by how they still enjoyed each other’s company and how they enjoyed playing and dancing for the video camera. I can hardly wait for you to see this video and see how much life, fun, and love is still in this couple. They’ve been married for nearly 63 years, and still held hands Tuesday as they out walked us up across their field to the top of a hill overlooking their beautiful lake.

Please come join us on May 16th, 2PM and 7PM, at the Roane State Theater. I guarantee you’ll go away with a deep sense of pride in our area’s history, patriotism, and diverse talent. All proceeds go to the restoration of the Princess Theater.

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FHB said...


jevlin said...

speaking of Bill Landry, I was just watching the History channel and they were talking about Tennessee. They mentioned Davy Crocket. The man playing Davy Crocket looked like Bill Landry. I'm guessing it was a clip from the Heartland Series.

Mushy said...

Interesting...I sent the comment to him and asked.

Mushy said...

Jevlin...Bill replied:

Yep. Every boys dream, to play Davy. It was for PBS about 1994 or something like that. Director had me shoot the gun, run through the woods…we we’re at Museum of Appalachia… I did it, and ran by the camera about 15-20 feet from the tree. 3 feet behind the camera was a barbed wire fence that I just ran into it. It was a great director’s lesson. ‘you take care of your actors.’

That was me. Back when I was built like Crockett.

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